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How to Form Your Own Association

This is the process we suggest for forming your own association. If you do this step by step we can help you quickly and easily form your own association.

Step One: Your Mission

In a paragraph state the mission for your nonprofit education, faith based, health, nutrition, spiritual and/or wellness association. Keep in mind that the best reason for forming an association is to educate your members about the things they can learn how to do for themselves, like:

reduce and manage your stress so your body can heal itself

elevate and manage your mood so you can function better

clear your mind so you can focus, concentrate and pay better attention

reduce or increase and manage your weight so your body is healthier

how to know what your body is telling you

how to know what your attitude is telling you

how to know what your cravings and desires are telling you

how to know what your emotions are telling you

how to know what your thoughts are telling you

how to know what to do to heal your own body, mind and soul

When we form your private organization for you, we will help you learn how to do these things for your clients if you don't already know.

Also keep in mind that in a private association you may step into the gray area with your members but not with the public.

What you do and say within the structure of your association is private and confidential -- protected by the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments to the US Constitution and Section Two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

What you do and say to the public is not private and confidential...

Step Two: Determine Your Association Structure

Forming Your Board of Trustees or Directors

Defining the Roles of Your Officers

Incorporating Options for Your Association

Step Three: Your Membership Classifications

You may have one or more classifications for membership. As a rule most small associations classify members as professionals and non-professionals or associate members. But you have many options.

Proper Professional Credentials

Membership Classifications

Step Four: Understanding Our Services

Our mission is to help you help other people to the best of your ability. We do this within the framework of the United States Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Everything we do is legal and within the law. We expect the same commitment from you.

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