Private Membership Education Associations of America
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Private Membership Associations

Private Membership Associations are constitutionally created under:

The First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth, Fourteenth and other Civil Rights Amendments to the United States Constitution

... and/or ...

Section Two and other Civil Rights of the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Members of Private Membership Associations may express their Constitutional Rights within that association. This includes:

1. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression to share information and voice our opinions about anything that concerns us including alternatives to drugs, cham trails, harmful EMF transmissions, invasive surgery, vaccines, toxic chemicals, unlabeled GMO foods, pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply, Smart meters and technology, and anything else that may cause or exacerbate any physical, emotional, mental, medical or psychological concern, condition, disease, disorder or illness of any kind.

2. Freedom of Confidentially in all written and oral communications of any kind and all actions intended to help any living thing without causing harm to another.

3. Freedom of Choice for our own health, life, nutrition, spiritual path, therapies and wellness decisions and interventions for ourselves, our family, dependents and pets including allopathic, alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative, natural and spiritual attempts to cure, heal, treat and improve the quality of our lives.

4. Freedom of Self-determination based on access to all available information to help us make our own decisions about our own health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness and that of our family, pets and dependents.

5. Freedom of Privacy and all of the inalienable human rights guaranteed to us all by the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Unfortunately, most of these freedoms have been taken away from us by state and provincial governments including federal bureaucracies which were established outside Constitutional Law and corporations acting outside Constitutional Law. In the public domain we have to be very careful about what we say, do, sign and where we go.

Large corporations control what pollutants go into our air, food and water supplies. They control federal, state and provincial agencies, politicians and media. They use these "corporate connections" to amass great fortunes and make a few people excessively wealthy while the rest of us work harder and harder for less and less year after year. The "Good Life" in America peaked in the 1950's and has steadily declined since -- according to most American economy experts.

Discovering the truth about anything in the public domain is almost impossible. Being treated poorly as an underling is a common occurrence. Being overworked, underpaid and unappreciated is the norm.

That's why many professionals in many industries are forming private associations and moving out of the public domain and into the private domain. Instead of telling people to do this or die, they empower people to make their own decisions to improve their own health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness.

Truth is easier to find. Kindness, generosity and hope are easier to find. Being treated with dignity and accepted as an equal in all things is a common practice. Being in the private domain is to be nurtured and valued as a person.

It turns out that moving into the private domain is less expensive and more rewarding than staying in the public domain.

Why Would I Want to Form My Business into a Constitutional Association?


Why go Constitutional?

The one thing big money is having a hard time buying is the Constitution. True, big money is making inroads into undermining the Constitution. Thanks to their greedy efforts, all of the rest of us have lost some freedom.

But the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution and the Second Section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms remain our safest haven to this day.

One better way is to "go under the Constitution."

What Are My Constitutional Rights?

Find Out if a Private Membership Association

Most people don't know that private membership associations are the best way to "go under the Constitution." It pays to find out if a Private Membership Association:

1. Will Work for YOU

2. Is the Right Thing for YOU to do

3. Will Generate More Income for YOU

4. Will lower YOUR Tax Burden

We've collected a lot of resource materials for you to learn how to use a private membership association to protect you, your family, pets and dependents. These same materials can help you teach your clients how they can join you and protect themselves, their families, pets and dependents.

The best protection we have against big government and the big corporations that control big government is to "go Constitutional."

It will pay you to spend the time to learn how to better protect yourself and your clients.

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